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The Ways Top Dress Soil Is Advantageous To Your Garden

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If you have taken up an interest in gardening, chances are you are looking for the best ways to tend to your plants so that they can thrive. And while watering and fertilising can help your plants grow, these are not the only measures you can employ for a blooming garden. Another step that gives your plants a high chance of survival is top dressing the soil.

Top dressing helps with many things such as enhancing the nutrient content in the soil, ensuring the right pH levels and so on. To perform this, you add a layer of soil onto the surface, which can be done at any time of the year. If you have never considered top dress soil for your lawn before, here are two main ways that it can be advantageous to your garden.

Top dress soil balances out the soil's composition 

Although all soils may look the same, the reality is that top quality soil should be made up of numerous particles that form together to create larger clumps of soil. This type of constitution creates tiny air pockets in the soil, which in turn facilitate aeration a well as increase the amount of moisture retention in the soil.

If your garden comprises mainly of clay soil, you will find that their pockets will retain more moisture than air, making the soil dense and unsuitable for plant growth. When you elect to top dress the soil with a mixture of and, you balance out the spaces in the soil, and this makes it more appropriate for plant growth.

Top dress soil decreases the development of thatch

Thatch is a material that comprises dead organic matter. A few of the most common debris you will find in thatch include dead roots, stems, grass, leaves and so on. Thatch accumulates at a faster rate during the winter since this is when plants tend to lose most of their foliage. And although thatch is an excellent source of natural fertiliser, too much thatch can be suffocating to your plants. The bigger the layer of thatch on your soil, the less hydration and ventilation the plant roots have, which in turn can cause the entire plant to die.

When you add top dress soil to your garden, you accelerate the rate at which the thatch decomposes, and this will prevent it from running rampant in your yard. Not to mention that once the warmer seasons come about, the thatch will then be fertilising your soil rather than smother your plants!