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The Varieties of Buffalo Turf Available for Sale

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The main reason why Buffalo Turf is famous is because of the unique shade the grass offers, which is pleasing to the eye. The primary origins of Buffalo Turf are the Caribbean and Africa. It is believed to have arrived in Australia in a ship known as the SS Buffalo, which is why it was eventually named Buffalo Turf. The original Buffalo Turf was scratchy and rough. However, the development of softer varieties made the grass very popular in Australia's yards. The most popular types of Buffalo Turf include the Sapphire, Sir Walter and Kings Pride varieties. 

1.      Sapphire Buffalo Lawns – The Sapphire Buffalo lawn is comprised of finer leaves compared to the other Buffalo Turf varieties. It is also characterised with leaf folding which makes it appear even better textured and appealing. The grass has an excellent winter colour, which propels it to being greatly favoured by lawn owners in Australia. The Sapphire Buffalo lawn equally grows fast making it require more lawn mowing and maintenance. Another characteristic of Sapphire Buffalo grass is its ability to resist drought. Furthermore, the grass is very reliable and resistant to diseases due to its hardy nature.

2.      Sir Walter Lawns – The Sir Walter lawn is an all-around Buffalo variety that can offer adequate winter colour. Moreover, the grass has excellent wear and tolerance, which makes it quite reliable as a lawn. The leaf blades of this grass are coarser than the Sapphire Buffalo Lawns. The grass grows faster, making it require high maintenance and regular mowing. The growth pattern of the Sir Walter Buffalo spreads much more rapidly across the ground. The grass also grows taller compared to the other buffalo varieties. Lastly, Sir Walter lawns have high drought tolerance rate with broader leaves, which add to its beauty. A single leaf blade has a slight blue tinge, which complements its green colour.

3.      Kings Pride – The Kings Pride Buffalo is a variety which has excellent wear. On top of that, the grass proves to be moderate when it comes to its shade needs, hence falling behind the Sapphire and the Sir Walter varieties. The winter colour is also average among the Buffalo grasses. The leaf blade, on the other hand, is very coarse with a rapid growth rate and is mostly found in warm areas such as Queensland, Australia. As a result, it comes with a lot of maintenance work. The grass's performance is however similar to the other buffalo varieties with good recovery from wear.