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Often-Overlooked Tips for Maintaining the Grounds of a Rental Property

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A rental property needs to have the grounds maintained just as much as the interior of the townhouse or apartment building. This will ensure the safety of all the residents and visitors and keep the property always looking its best so that you can attract new tenants when needed. Note a few tips for maintaining those grounds, if you're an owner or are looking to hire a property manager who will oversee this work for you.

Remove dead and decaying trees

It can be good to have trees on the property inspected regularly so you can note if any of them are decaying or diseased inside. Don't assume that diseased or dead trees are easy to spot, as you may not readily recognize the signs of root rot, damaged trunks, or dead limbs; however, these trees are at a greater risk for falling limbs and for splitting at the trunk, causing the tree to collapse. Termites and other pests that have made these trees their home can then make their way to the buildings on the property, as well as to other trees, causing expensive damage. Have dead and decaying trees removed, including pulling up or grinding the stump if necessary, at the first sign of damage.

Trim back all landscaping

Walkways around a rental property should always be clear of any debris or obstacles, including landscaping, for everyone's safety. Overgrown landscaping may also attract prowlers, who can use untrimmed shrubs as a hiding place while trying to break in through a window. It's also good to trim landscaping so that light and rain can get through to the soil underneath, keeping it healthy and allowing grass and other vegetation to grow. Don't overlook the need to keep landscaping well manicured, so trim back shrubbery and prune landscaping trees as often as necessary.

Pick up junk mail and litter

Even the best tenants may leave litter on the grounds; this can mean cigarette butts, soda cups, straw wrappers, gum wrappers, and other such debris. These things may be small, but they can easily detract from the overall look of your property, especially when they collect along a walkway.

If the building has an area for mail with a trash receptacle for junk, it's good to ensure these bins are emptied regularly as well. If they start to overflow, pieces of mail can wind up in the parking lot or along walkways, and they too can make a building look very rundown and unkempt.