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Landscaping Trends That Help With Water Conservation

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One of the greatest benefits of living in Australia is that you get to enjoy abundant sunshine most of the year. However, this sunny climate also comes with a downside: an increased occurrence of drought. With water shortages, keeping your yard lush and green can prove to be expensive. The good news is that you can take measures to deal with the water restrictions through landscaping. Here are some of the different landscaping trends that you can opt for that would help your household with water conservation.

Go native with your plant choices

Granted, exotic plant species and trees tend to add some flavour to any home. Their unique colours and characteristics make your garden unique and aesthetically appealing. However, these exotic species tend to need more watering, as they are not accustomed to the Australian climate. If you would like your plants to flourish with minimal watering, it is bet to opt for native plant species. For one, they will naturally thrive in the prevailing climate, which means less maintenance measures for you to take. Additionally, native Australian plant species blend in with the overall landscape of your location. This makes your residence appear more connected to the surroundings, thus enhancing its curb appeal.

Invest in a drip irrigation system

For most homeowners, watering their yard consists of connecting the hose to the tap and spraying water all over the plants. Although this may seem cost effective since all you need is a hose, you actually end up using more water in the process. If you would like to engage in water conservation, it would be best to invest in drip irrigation. Although the initial cost may seem expensive, this system saves you money in the long run as it uses your water economically. Additionally, since these systems are automated, it is time-effective too as you no longer have to schedule your own personal time to ensure your plants are watered.

Install pavers in your yard

Although having a large lawn may seem appealing for most homeowners, it also means that there is more space that needs to be watered on a regular basis. One of the ways that you can remedy this is by having landscaping contractors install pavers in your yard. These landscaping supplies not only create clear pathways for you around your yard, but they also minimize the amount of grass that will require regular maintenance. Additionally, other landscaping supplies such as sand gardens and rock gardens work toward enhancing the aesthetics of your premises, without requiring any water to keep them in good condition.