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When You Should Request for a New Survey Map of a Property

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One of the items you should examine before you buy a property is the survey map of that property. There are circumstances that may call for a new survey map even if that property has been surveyed before. This article discusses some of the reasons that should prompt you to commission the drawing of a new survey map of the property before you buy it.

When Corner Markers Can't Be Traced

One of the reasons why you should ask your surveyor to prepare a new survey map of the property is if something has happened to the survey irons/markers set by the previous surveyor of the property. For instance, those corner irons could have become buried or lost (accidentally removed, for example). In such a case, the only way to be certain of where the boundaries of the property are is to have a new survey map prepared.

When Existing Improvements Aren't Reflected

A current survey should contain any significant improvements (such as a widened public access road) on the property. If you observe that the survey map you have does not reflect these improvement or adjustments, it is wise for you to request a land surveyor to prepare a new survey. This is important because it will give you a clear picture of how much space is actually available for you to perform your own improvements to the property (getting a permit to build a garage extension, for example).

When Segments Aren't Platted

A survey plat is a survey map detailing boundaries and features such as elevations of the land and utility lines underneath the property. If the survey map you are given does not provide details of another parcel of land on the same property, ask your surveyor to prepare a new survey map. This new survey will enable you to consolidate all parcels into one so that you can redevelop them as one unit, if you so wish.

When You Suspect the Property Has Been Encroached Upon

You should also request for a fresh survey if you think that a neighbor has encroached onto the property you are about to purchase. For instance, a neighbor may have built a fence that partly extends into the property you want to buy. The easiest way to solve such a potential conflict is to have the property surveyed afresh so that any mistake about boundaries is resolved before you take possession of that property.

As you can see, many situations call for engaging a land surveyor to re-survey a property before you buy it. It is better to wait until this new survey is complete instead of rushing and then be mired in endless boundary disputes.