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3 Tips For Saving Money On Home Renovation Building Materials

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The materials you use for a home renovation or remodel can be one of the largest expenses you face for the project, but the good news is that there are many ways to save on these materials. Being choosy about those materials and knowing how to save on their purchase can mean staying within your budget for any project, and it can also mean helping to save the environment. Note how this is and where to get affordable materials.

1. Buy recycled materials

Many types of building materials can be recycled, and then reused for new project. Steel is easy to recycle, as it wood of all sorts. Recycled building studs and even roof trusses can be used for new projects, often with nothing more than some cutting and resizing. Steel can also be fabricated for a new home frame with some welding or induction and bending. Wood can be salvaged and cut for slats for a floor, or used for butcher-block countertops. Recycled stone can be used for floors. Shop around for recycled items to save money, and to keep them out of landfills as well.

2. Use concrete

Concrete is quickly becoming a popular option as a building material, for rough and for finished materials. Concrete floors in a home can be painted or stained to look like stone or marble. You can do the same for countertops and walls; concrete can be stained to look like granite or marble, or buffed to look like glass. Concrete is a very affordable option for building, and only needs some additional bracing for structural integrity due to its weight. Ask your contractor about using poured concrete as a building material wherever possible.

3. Use remnants

Remnants from other projects can be good for use in building materials; like recycled materials, they are kept out of landfills and easy to fabricate. As an example, granite remnants that are cut from virgin materials are good for small countertops and floors, and remnants of wood beams can also be cut and then used for structural walls inside a home. Glass remnants can also be cut and made into countertop materials. Ask your contractor about remnants as they usually have access to shops that save remnants from cut virgin materials and sell them purposely for new projects.

Remember these simple tips for saving money on the building material you need for a new home construction or renovation project. This will keep you under budget and help the environment as well. If you are looking to renovate your garden or yard as well, contact a company like Mark's Landscape Supplies for more information about sourcing affordable materials.