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Keep Your Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass Healthy—And Let Your Kids Enjoy It

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Sapphire soft leaf buffalo grass is favoured by many families because it is relatively easy to maintain and it is drought resistant. However, if you have children who like to play a lot on your grass, they can be hard on it. Want to make your buffalo grass more "child-resistant"? Then, take a look at these ideas:

1. Create non-grassy play areas

Instead of having your kids romp exclusively on your sapphire soft leaf buffalo grass, create other surfaces upon which they can play. For example, cover the area beneath their playset or tree fort with wood chips or sand. Areas like these give your grass a break from your children.

2. Keep your grass healthy

Of course, in some cases, your children are going to need to play on the grass. Obviously, they cannot play a game of football on wood chips. So that your grass can stand up to traffic, take care of it. The healthier it is, the more resilient it will be.

Sapphire soft leaf buffalo grass should be fertilised in the early autumn, early winter and mid-spring. However, if your kids play on it a lot, you may want to fertilise again in the middle of summer. Also, rather than watering frequently for short intervals, you want to do deep irrigation (heavy watering directed at the roots of the grass) once a week.  

3. Use stepping stones

Regardless of how healthy your grass is, it likely won't respond well to constant foot traffic in the same place. For example, if you always take the same path from the driveway to the front door, you risk wearing out the grass until you have a bare patch.

You can stop walking on these areas, but if it is hard for your kids to keep track of the new rules, just add a few stepping stones. That way, you have a built-in decorative path and don't have to worry about your grass getting bare spots.

4. Minimise use of weed killers

One of the reasons that so many people love sapphire soft leaf buffalo grass is because it naturally chokes out weeds, making it hard for them to grow. This fact means that you don't have to use herbicides often, and as a result, sapphire soft leaf buffalo is safer for your kids. However, to minimise your kids' exposure to chemicals, limit your use of pesticides on your grass. If possible, try not to mow your grass too short. Sapphire soft leaf buffalo is more prone to weed infestations when it is sheared very short.

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